More Living Space recently completed this Single Garage Conversion into a high specification Cinema Room in Kirkham. An unused Garage makes the ideal candidate for a Conversion to an extra living area, and now the space can be enjoyed by all of the family.

A New Build House in Kirkham

This House was recently built by Story Homes in Kirkham and has special features in the front elevation which were matched exactly by More Living Space for this Single Garage Conversion. The construction included Stone Jambs designed and manufactured to ensure this conversion was aesthetically correct. We aim to match all of our projects to the existing brick work and windows, see our Before & After gallery for some examples.

Single Garage Conversion into Cinema Room Specification

This Single Garage Conversion to Cinema Room in Kirkham had the following Key items, built by More Living Space:

  • Ceramic Floor Tiles to match the existing Kitchen Floor
  • Four panel UPVC Window, with Georgian bar inserts
  • Walk -through from the Kitchen/Dining Room
  • Built in Cupboards
  • Recessed LED Lighting
  • Full decoration, Magnolia and White
  • New wall linings built with CLS Timber (high quality Timber)
  • Insulated Plasterboard (efficient U value calculation)
  • Rigid Celotex Insulation
  • Radiator connected to existing central Heating
  • Insulated Floor, matched to same level as the house
  • Re-con Stone Jambs/Lintel/Sill
  • Window Blind

Special Requirements for this Single Garage Conversion

More Living Space specialise in all types of Single, Double or Detached Garage conversions. This Garage conversion included Stone Jambs designed and manufactured to ensure this conversion was aesthetically correct.

Garage Conversion Promise

  1. More Living Space will manage and advise on every aspect of the Garage Conversion including any Structural changes, Wall Linings, Plumbing, Electrics, Decoration, Blinds and Flooring.
  2. More Living Space Garage Conversions are fully compliant with Building Regulations, home owners receive certification from the Local Authority for their Garage Conversion.

Meeting Building Regulations

All More Living Space Garage Conversions include Building Regulations compliance with a completion certificate and electrical Part “P” compliance certificate. Any changes to Gas supply pipes will be certificated by a fully qualified Gas Safe installer.

Payment Terms

All contracts are based on a 25% deposit payment, this can be made by Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard/Am

erican Express) without any surcharge.

A fixed start date and completion date are integral to all More Living Space Garage Conversions, most are completed in 10 Days (Two Weeks)

Garage Conversion Ideas

Garage Conversions are ideal for all types of new features, find ideas on creating; Granny Flats, Kitchens, Bathrooms, En-suites, Study, Bedrooms, Living Rooms or Dining Rooms.

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