We pride ourselves on the high level of workmanship we put into the finishes on every Garage Conversion project. Check out some of the Exterior and Floor Finishes we’ve completed on our previous projects.

Exterior Finish

Garage Conversions often require specialist finishes to ensure your new living space matches and enhances your home. All types of Cement Render Finishes are provided by our installation team,  the existing render finish would be professionally matched to the existing finish.

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Floor Finishes

Quality Laminate/Wood flooring is a superb addition to any Home. Our installations include Quick Step Laminate flooring or if required a Elka or Timberwise engineered oak floor. These quality products are guaranteed for up to 20 yrs, providing robust and easy to clean flooring for everyday family life.

Garage Conversion Case Studies With Great Floor Finishes

Check out some of the projects we’ve completed in the past with amazing floor finishes:

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