Garage Conversion on a Brearley Seddon Home

More Living Space completed this Garage Conversion in Penwortham on a stunning Brearley Seddon Home.

We converted the garage into an additional family space, the entrance of which is off the hallway, a perfect extension to any family home. The cold and unused garage space is now a warm and inviting family space making the home a bigger and easier family space to live in.

Externally the Home is now a double fronted detached House, that is aesthetically very pleasing and internally it provides the much sought-after additional living space. The conversion looks like a natural addition to the home that was always meant to be there!

The Insulation fitted as part of the garage conversion will provide benefit to the homeowner immediately as the quality insulation will minimise heating cost and improve the overall thermal efficiency of their home.

The works also included bespoke joinery to house their boiler, consumer unit and internet connection ensuring that the space is in keeping with the rest of the home.

The work was completed in only 12 working days and the homeowners have unlocked the value and potential of their underused garage by converting it.

Full Building Regs approval with a completion Certificate issued to the Homeowner.

Seddon Homes Garage Conversion


This Garage Conversion included the following Key items:

  • Insulated Wall Linings
  • Insulated Floor
  • Bespoke Joinery
  • Cupboards for access to services
  • Doorway to Hallway
  • Radiator
  • Building Regs Approval – Completion Certificate issued to Homeowner
  • Part P Compliance electrical installation

More Living Space Specialise in Garage Conversions, this project in Penwortham was undertaken and completed in 12 working days.

This Garage Conversion has created a superb additional Living Space which will be used every day adding value to Family life.
Add Living Space to your Home and unlock the value with a Garage Conversion by More Living Space.

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