Play Room with Built-in Storage and Velux Roof Light

More Living Space converted this Single Garage to a Play Room in March 2015. The job was carried out in Leyland, Lancashire and the customer is delighted with the additional space generated by the building conversion.

The Garage Conversion had the following items included in the new Living Space:

Velux Roof Light

  • Decorative matching Brickwork
  • Matching bespoke Skirting Boards
  • Built –in Storage Cupboard with bespoke shelving
  • High Quality flooring
  • Fully decorated to match existing paint finishes
  • Integral Doorway
  • Entrance from the inner Hallway
  • Profile 22 Window, Fire Escape compliant
  • Electric Radiator
  • Half Glazed internal door
  • Sliding Doors for large cupboard space
  • New wall linings built with CLS Timber (high quality Timber)
  • Insulated Plasterboard (efficient U value calculation)
  • Rigid Celotex Insulation
  • Vapour Barrier
  • Insulated Floor, matched to same level as the house
  • 10 year warranty on Glazed units

The Single Garage Conversion by More Living Space maintained this exact specification creating a further enhancement by making the property a “double fronted detached residence”. The Living space was increased by converting the single garage into Living space and provided the Family with a separate Study Room to further enhance this elegant detached Home.

The More Living Space promise…

All More Living Space Garage Conversions include Building Regulations compliance with a completion certificate and electrical Part “P” compliance certificate. Any changes to Gas supply pipes will be certificated by a fully qualified Gas Safe installer. A fixed start date and completion date are integral to all More Living Space Garage Conversions, most are completed in 10 days.

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